Our Curriculum

Our curriculum covers Judaic as well as academic topics. The warmth, meanings and practices of Judaism are an integral part of each day. Jewish songs, holidays, and traditions are taught in meaningful and joyous ways inspiring a deep-rooted Jewish connection in each of our students. Our teachers prepare lesson plans that include age appropriate activities that encourage and support children’s language, pre-literacy and pre-math skills in addition to cultural awareness and interest in nature and science. Our goal is to encourage a love for learning that will continue way beyond their education at The Chabad City Gan!


    In order to engage your child and make learning exciting, we choose a theme that encompasses the entire classroom. We cover Jewish themes such as Jewish Holidays or Charity as well as secular themes such as Community Helpers or All About Me.

      Alphabet and Literacy

      We introduce early literacy by teaching the children how to spell their names, and implementing the letters of the alphabet into the different centers and activities. As the children move on to the older class, we have a developmentally-appropriate and a multi-sensory approach to teach the students letter formation Letters are taught in a systematic way, starting with the basic lines (such as in the letter L and F), and moving on to more difficult letters. Each student then practices the new letter using various tools including their chalkboards.