Our staff

Meet our loving teachers

Rivka Wineberg

Born in Brooklyn, second in a close-knit family of ten, Rivka is a natural teacher & nurturer to children. After spending much of her youth as a day camp counselor & Tot Shabbat Morah, she went on to receive her Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the exclusive Machon Shoshanat in Jerusalem, Israel. She was offered a teaching position in the Early Childhood Education Center of Lexington, Ma. And then Yeshivah Rambam, Brooklyn NY, teaching for six years. Now, a mother to Six delightful children, and director/teacher in her own Hebrew School since 2006, Rivka has gathered a great deal of experience and knowledge in early childhood development.

Rochel Roth

My name is Rochel Roth! I grew up in Denver Colorado. I love children and it’s my passion to teach and help them grow in a productive, happy environment. I’m really excited to be teaching in the Roses class this year!

Chaya Korenblit
Ed Director / Teacher

Hi, my name is Chaya Korenblit. I am a returning teacher to City Gan and am very excited to be back! I am entering my ninth year of teaching and feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work with children at such a joyful and important stage in their lives. As a teacher, I strive to create a classroom environment that fosters curiosity, exploration, cooperation, and problem solving. My favorite thing about teaching is watching the children learn and grow each day!

Karen Silbermann

My name is Karen Silbermann. I grew up in Livingston, New Jersey and have been living in New York City since 2012. I received my Masters in Social Work in 2014. I have been working with children for many years in various capacities and I am very excited to be teaching at City Gan! I love watching as children learn and grow and I cannot wait to be in the classroom as an integral part of your child’s education!

Perel Hazan

My name is Perel Hazan, and I am from Milan, Italy. I am very excited to meet my students, and share an experience of growth, learning, interacting and discovering! I'm looking forward to developing and strong connection with the children, parents and staff in a warm and loving atmosphere.

Denese Alexander
Ed Director / Teacher

My name is Denese Alexander. I love children because they are little, brilliant adults. Teaching was the profession I chose because toddlers & children usually gravitate toward me; although I'm the teacher, I learn so much from children. We teach each other! ❤️