Our classroom

Our classrooms are designed to feel like a home away from home for your child. Your child will find his family photo as well as photos of him or herself throughout the classroom. Our environment is arranged to encourage children are to explore, manipulate, and discover throughout the classroom! Every moment is used as an opportunity to develop a love for learning and discovery. Below is a description of some of the centers you might find in our classroom.


Manipulatives are games and skill activities. An example would be: sorting leaves by color, size, or shape or beading. These games and activities strengthen your child’s skills in the following areas:

  • Basic numeric concepts 1-10
  • Completion of a task and self esteem
  • Letter sounds / phonemic awareness
  • Matching and classification
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Physical dexterity


Art: art is a fun and engaging activity for your child to experience where the focus is on the process not the product. Some examples would be pine cone painting, using droppers and watercolors to create fall colored leaves and leaf rubbings. Art aids your child in developing the following crucial skills:

  • Visual perception
  • Creativity
  • Colors
  • Fine motor skills


Sensory: Stimulation is vital and sensory activities are an important part of this, as well as a stress reducer. Some examples of sensory bins include: Rice, corn kernels, acorns and pine cones. Sensory reinforces your child’s skills in the following areas:

  • Creativity
  • Exploration & Discovery
  • Social Skills & Self Confidence
  • Fine Motor Skills

Block Center:

Block Center: At our block center we have an array of engaging blocks and toys to build with. The children thoroughly enjoy arranging and creating their own structures. The block center strengthens your child’s skills in the following areas:

  • Size and shape discrimination
  • Spatial relationships
  • Structural balance

Dramatic Play:

Dramatic Play: In the dramatic play area, children break through the restrictions of reality. They pretend to be someone or something different from himself or herself and make up situations and actions that go along with the role they choose.Initially it is set up to represent a kitchen because most children are familiar with themes related to family life. This area can be extended to situations like shopping at a grocery store, going to the doctors or the post office. The dramatic play center aids your child in the following areas:

  • Social and verbal skills


Library: Our library is always stocked with a constantly changing collection of theme related books as well as fun and interesting books that we love. In the library your child is developing the following vital skills:

  • Reading readiness
  • Communication and language skills
  • Memory skills
  • Proper book handling